Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not

This talk was the first talk I heard on my first visit to an LDS church. It was the last weekend in March 2012. I hadn’t been to church regularly in years. The entire first hour of church I sat there thinking, “What am I doing here? God has forgotten me. He does not want me here.” I was convinced that I was not worthy to be there, that I was not wanted there, that I was forgotten.

When the person recounted this talk to us she got to the one line I needed to hear the most.

“You are not forgotten.”

It was as if God had heard my thoughts and was reaching out to speak to me. I knew in that moment that He was speaking to me telling me that this was the church I needed. He was telling me that He loved me and that He wanted me to be happy and that I could be through this church.

I want to testify to you that you are not forgotten. Heavenly Father knows you. He knows your name and your heart. He wants to reach out to you if you will let Him. Seek Him out in honest prayer and He will always answer you. It may not be in the way or moment that you expect, but it will come.



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