“Miracles happen once in awhile when you believe”

So we were out of people to visit, we were discouraged, our ward mission leader canceled on us, we didn’t know what to do. I prayed the hardest I think I have ever prayed. We pulled off on a road to see some other potentials to no avail. Then I remembered a Less-active that my companion had found and suggested we go there. It was like 8:30 at night almost and no one lets us in that late. Not only did this man and his wife let us in, they invited us as if we were there long lost best friends. They were so wonderful. My companion finally got bold and said, “Look, I’m a missionary. Obviously when I found out that you were a member and you weren’t on our list we had to come back.” The man laughed and said, “Yeah, I knew when I told you that I was a member that you would be coming back. I wasn’t too surprised.” We talked to them about taking the lessons, and they agreed they would and not only did they invite us back, they asked if they could feed us dinner next week. Who says no to dinner? Not us that’s for sure.

So basically, last week was a really good week.


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