Did not our hearts burn within us?

There is a story in Luke 24 that stood out to me in my scripture reading recently, and I thought I’d share it with you now that Christmas is over. In this story two of Christ’s disciples are walking to a village on the day of Christ’s resurrection when a third man comes up. This man asks them why they look so sad. Their response, “Art though only a stranger..” made me laugh because it’s basically saying, “Where have YOU been? Under a rock?” They tell this man about the great prophet, Jesus of Nazareth, and how he was condemned to death and this day, three days after his death, his body is gone. This man then starts expounding all of the scriptures which spoke of Christ. Finally, they get to the village and the man goes to leave and the two disciples tell him he should stay for dinner. At dinner, this man takes bread, blesses it, and breaks it. It is at this moment that they realize that this man is Jesus Christ, and he disappears. They ask each other how they hadn’t known…”Did not our hearts burn within us?”

Everyone gets so spiritual around Christmas time and we realize how much Christ has been lacking from our lives. This year we should all set a goal, that by Christmas 2014 we will not look back and realize how much he has been missing from our lives. We should strive to keep him in the forefront of our minds at all times, in all things, and in all places.

Lots of Love!


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