More, Savior, Like Thee

“More holiness give me, More strivings within, More patience in suff’ring, More sorrow for sin, More faith in my Savior, More sense of his care, More joy in his service, More purpose in prayer. More gratitude give me, More trust in the Lord, More pride in his glory, More hope in his word, More tears for his sorrows, More pain at his grief, More meekness in trial, More praise for relief. More purity give me, More strength to o’ercome, More freedom from earth-stains, More longing for home. More fit for the kingdom, More used would I be, More blessed and holy–More, Savior, like thee (Hymn 131).”
There are quite a number of great things being requested in this hymn. We know by the end of the song that these attributes make us more fit for the kingdom, more useful, more blessed and holy, and more like Christ. This is our mission, to become like Christ. All of these are important attributes, and I find it interesting to note that this song is not asking for a change of circumstances. The song would sound a lot different if it were “more money please give me, more gas in my car, more behaving children…” it just doesn’t work. We don’t ask for our circumstances to be changed, we ask for the ability to handle those circumstances. When Nephi was bound in chains by his brethren, he asked for “strength that [he] may burst these bands with which” he was bound. He asks to be able to change to overcome his circumstance. Our afflictions and our sufferings were given to us that we may make choices, that we may grown and learn. We came here to have good times AND bad times, so that we could better appreciate the joy that is promised us.
When I look at this song, I see all of the attributes that I am working on here on my mission, but I also know that these are all things we can find in the temple. The temple has become such an important place in my life. It has been a place of revelation, of comfort, and of happiness, and I know that one day it will be the place of my marriage to a worthy man of the priesthood for time and eternity.

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