As a young man Brother Clawson had been called on a mission to the Southern States. At that time in America’s history, well over one hundred years ago, malicious mobs were still in existence, outlaws who threatened the safety of members of the Church and others. Elder Clawson and his missionary companion, Elder Joseph Standing, were traveling on foot to a missionary conference when, nearing their destination, they were suddenly confronted by twelve armed and angry men on horseback.

With cocked rifles and revolvers shoved in their faces, the two elders were repeatedly struck, and occasionally knocked to the ground as they were led away from their prescribed path and forced to walk deep into the nearby woods. Elder Joseph Standing, knowing what might lie in store for them, made a bold move and seized a pistol within his reach. Instantly one of the assailants turned his gun on young Standing and fired. Continue reading


The Restoration

When he was 14 years old Joseph Smith read this scripture:

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him (James 1:5).

Following his faith in the scriptures, this young boy went out and asked God for the wisdom that he lacked. He asked to know which of all the churches on the earth was the true church. He knelt in a grove of trees and started to pour out his heart to God. He was then overcome by an awful powerful creature of the unseen world. Finally, after exerting all of his power to call upon God, in his own words this is what happened:

I saw a pillar of light, exactly over my head, above the brightness of the sun, which descended gradually until it fell upon me…When the light rested upon me I saw two personages, whose brightness and glory defy all description, standing above me in the air. One of them spake unto me, calling me by name and said, pointing to the other, “This is my beloved son. Hear him.”

I can testify that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. There in that grove he was told that Christ’s church would soon be restored to the earth. I have come to know for myself that this is true by exercising my faith and praying to Heavenly Father “who giveth to all men liberally and upbraideth not.” I know that He has answered my prayer and told me that this is true, and I know that He can answer yours too, if you will exercise YOUR faith and pray to know. Joseph Smith was a young person with a question, and he received an answer. Heavenly Father answers our prayers. He loves us and wants us to know the truth.

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Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow, But If Tomorrow Never Comes

Often when we think of the plan of salvation we see it drawn out on the board before us, a circle for the premortal existence, a squiggle for the veil, a circle for earth life, a circle for the spirit world JUDGEMENT and three circles for the kingdoms of heaven. We then spend the whole time talking about the atonement, which is central to the plan of salvation and we rightly should be talking about it, but how often do we talk about the things we should be doing here because of that gift. My companion, when talking about the atonement, often says, “I cannot pay him back for what he did, but I can love him back and I can thank him back.” And I think that’s so powerful. So what are we doing to thank Jesus Christ and to show him that we are grateful for the gift that he has given us. He suffered every pain and sorrow that we have ever felt and will ever feel. He died that we may be redeemed from our sins. We should be bending over backwards to thank him for that. Continue reading