Because God

Last week we were helping some investigators prepare for their baptismal interview with a fun game. It was much like jeopardy, but it would require them to have basic knowledge of the gospel as well as bare their testimony of simple doctrine. At one point we asked a question that involved the word why. It was something similar to “Why did we have to come to earth?” The youngest boy, wanting to be super helpful, raised his hand. His reply was so simple and sweet, “Because……God.” I couldn’t think of a more perfect answer to any of the why questions of the Gospel. Why do we do anything in this church? Because of our love to our Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ. If you ever find yourself asking why you have to do something (go to church, pay tithing, obey the word of wisdom, etc) just turn to yourself and say, “Because God.” Simple truth from the mouth of a child.



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