To Show Many People the Way to Greater Happiness

Every six months, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints holds a conference that the whole church worldwide watches. We believe that we are lead by a prophet who is called of God and he is one of the speakers at this conference along with our twelve apostles and some of our seventy (our church is organized the way that Christ organized the church while he was on the earth).

The second weekend that I attended church was a general conference weekend. My missionaries invited me to write down questions and take them to conference. They told me they could be any questions and that if I prayed about them I could receive my answers by listening to those who have spiritually prepared to speak to us.


Since then, I have written questions for general conference as often as I can. I do not usually share them with others, but I have decided to share one of them with you, as well as the answer that I have received.

1. How can I help my family to see the blessings of my membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?

Henry B. Eyring, an Apostle of the Jesus Christ, gave a talk about An Inheritance of Hope. He tells a story of a man who was the first born in a very wealthy family, but his parents would die leaving him nothing. He felt that he would find a future in America and set out first living in New York and then moving to Missouri. One of his coworkers there was a member of the church and gave him a pamphlet. After months of studying out the religion and sincere prayer this man came to know the truth of what he had learned about the LDS church. He knew that it was the true, revealed church of God. President Eyring then gives the date of baptism of this man right down to the very hour. This man was Heinrich Eyring, Henry B. Eyrings great great grandfather. He was very proud of this man. All Heinrich wanted was a forever family for those who would follow after him.

So how does this answer my question? Heinrich Eyring lived what he knew to be true, and it created a family that would last forever. If those that I love so dearly cannot come to see the blessings of this true church I can only give them my example, but to those who come after me, I can give an inheritance of hope by living what I know to be true. I cannot say that my family now is changing much, but every time I prayed at dinner, my siblings would wait silently until I was done. I was taking small steps by being my religion, and soon after I left on my mission my mother would tell me how my little sister prayed at some meal.

President Eyring has promised that if “I let [God] be the leader of my family, things will work out.”



This conference is an opportunity for revelation and I invite all of you to find the time to watch some of it, if not all of it. I can testify that any questions you need answered can be taken to God and through His servants you can find your answers here.


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