Constant Companionship

Lately, I have spent a bit of time really thinking over one phrase: the companionship of the Holy Ghost. Of course, my first thought on this is that, as a missionary, I have a companion. She works with me every minute of every day with a few exceptions. We are an equal partnership. I will one day, hopefully, have an eternal companion, who will serve the same purpose, but we won’t be together as often. But even with these two examples, it’s not exactly the same is it?

The Holy Ghost, as long as I am worthy, will be with me every second of every day. He will help me when I need help, and warn me of danger. It’s interesting to think that the Holy Ghost fulfills OUR baptismal covenants: he mourns with us, comforts us, he is a witness of God at all times, in all things, and in all places (Mosiah 18:9). He helps us to fulfill those covenants.

I looked up the word companion and this definition struck me the most: one who breaks bread with another–the sacrament?! The spirit is there when we partake of the sacrament. How literal is that?!

The second definition I liked was “a person who shares the experiences of another, especially when they are unpleasant or unwelcome.” How often is the spirit called the comforter?

I know that everyone has to opportunity to feel the power of the Holy Ghost in their lives, no matter what religion they are, but only through the priesthood authority found in The Church  Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints can we have the gift, or constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. The difference between the gift and the power of the Holy Ghost is a lot like firefighters. Gift: If your house catches on fire, you can trust that eventually the firefighters will show up to save you. Power: If your house catches on fire, but you live with a firefighter, then you can feel reassured that he will be right there putting it out before anything bad happens all the time.

I invite you all to ponder on the word “companionship” and then live worthily of having that in your life.

Love each of you,

Sister Myers


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