Hope is Jesus Christ

She said that hope was a thing with feathers but I don’t think it’s that weak, hope can turn a mouse into a lion it can make the shy to speak, hope is a lot like faith it can give a person wings, it can take the greatest ship and move it far across the seas, hope was in the cries of Job when he refused to hear his friends, hope was in the arm of David who didn’t know if Goliath was his end, hope was in the eyes of the adulterous woman as her accusers began to leave, hope was in the heart of Jairus when he was told not to fear but to believe, hope was the sight of the prodigal son and the hug that healed his soul, hope was the title of liberty that was just a coat on a pole, hope was the page that Hyrum turned down before the bullets flew, hope was in the brave pioneers going somewhere new, hope comes from our savior from his atoning sacrifice, hope for love and hope for peace and hope for eternal life, hope was in the blood that came from every pore, hope is the sounds of his knock on our heart’s door, hope was the cries, “Abba,” and “Nevertheless, thy will be done,” hope was in this moment made for every single one, hope was in the suffering to take the trials and the pains, hope is in the fact that he would do it all again, hope is an abiding trust in our Lord of Lords and King of King, hope helps us stand as witnesses at all times, in all places, and in all things, you can say that hope is a bird but birds all fly away, hope is my savior Jesus Christ and He is the same forever and today.

❤ and written by sister emmalee a. myers-parraz